SoMo – The Answers [2017] [New Album]

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SoMo - The Answers
Artist: SoMo
Album: The Answers
Genre: R&B/Soul, Music, Rock, Contemporary R&B, Dance
Original Release Date: 2017
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 102 MB
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Track Listing:

2. Mirror
3. First | J. Pierre Medor, Christopher A. Stewart, Joseph Somers-Morales & Kendricke Brown
4. Champion
5. Play (feat. Maty Noyes) | Maty Noyes, Nick Seeley, Joseph Somers-Morales & Donald Cody Tarpley Jr.
6. Control | Jenna Andrews, Joseph Somers-Morales, Michael Holmes & Jordan Evans
7. Over
8. Curve
9. Do You
10. Want It
11. Just a Man | Joseph Somers-Morales, Nikolas Marzouca, Donald Cody Tarpley Jr., Jason Farmer & James Schetter
12. Answers
13. You

2 thoughts on “SoMo – The Answers [2017] [New Album]”

  1. Williams says:

    thanks a lot! you are the best

  2. Anstettujorge56 says:

    This is the greatest album I’ve ever heard :) thx

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