X Japan – We Are X [2017] [New Album]

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X Japan - We Are X
Artist: X Japan
Album: We Are X
Genre: Heavy metal, symphonic metal
Original Release Date: 2017
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 104 MB
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Track Listing:

1.La Venus (Acoustic Version)
2. Kurenai (from The Last Live)
3. Forever Love
4. Piano Strings of Es Dur
5. Dahlia
6. Crucify My Love
7. Xclamation
8. Standing Sex (from X Japan Returns)
9. Tears
10. Longing / Setsubo-no-yoru
11. Art of Life (3rd Movement)
12. Endless Rain (from The Last Live)
13. X (from The Last Live)
14. Without You (Unplugged)

2 thoughts on “X Japan – We Are X [2017] [New Album]”

  1. Quackenbush says:

    the best leak!

  2. Elaine says:

    THANK YOU. The album sounds amazing

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